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Here's Why Congolese Singer Fally Ipupa Used & Dumped Mampi

Posted: 2017-08-04T16:43:20Z -10,806 People Read This

Singer Mampi Dumped By Fally Ipupa has learnt that, Congolese singer Fally Ipupa dumped our very own Mampi the Queen Diva. Their breakUp has been a secret not until your mighty website ( got factual information about it.

Fally Ipupa has been sneaking into Zambia without anyone identifying him. Ofcorse, his visits were to spend a few hours with your favourite female singer Mampi. One of Mampi’s dancers (name withheld) has confirmed to this website that, Mampi and Fally have been bonking for a while until of recent when Fally drilled all Mampi’s forbidden fruit juice leaving her dry like the Dubai deserts.

The same source has also confirmed to that, Fally dumped Mampi after hooking up Zambia’s TraceMusic star winner Tiwah Hillz. Tiwah and Fally started flirting in 2016 and as we report now, they have reached somewhere. Congz Tiwah, but we pray that Fally doesn’t dump you too after eating your forbidden fruit.

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