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See Photos: Zambian Artist "Chanda Mbao" - Shoots His New Video In USA - Miami

Posted: 2017-08-29T18:06:40Z -4,438 People Read This

Zambian Musician Chanda Mbao With Model Gina Santos

If any Zambian singer has enjoyed a busy 2017, it’s none other than Chanda Mbao.

The Zambia superstar is working hard to make sure that his upcoming mixtape, “The Patriot” is a hit and this week he started shooting his latest music video from that record, for a track called Who.


Last week, Chanda Mbao hinted on Twitter that he was set to shoot his next video outside Zambia, but he never revealed details about the same. This left many of his fans with mixed reactions as to why he couldn’t let the cat out of the bag.

Well, the snoops in Florida – USA have confirmed to this website that, Chanda kicked off his video shooting yesterday (Monday) in Miami. We have also learned that, one of the main acts in this video is sexy model - Gina Santos, who has done many adverts for companies like Adidas. Below are some of the photos that leaked to

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