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Again !!! Iris Kaingu Goes Naked For The Corporate World - See Her Latest Nudes

Posted: 2017-09-05T19:00:00Z -43,246 People Read This

Zambia Iris Kaingu Photos

ZAMBIAN socialite, call her the money spender – Iris Kaingu has gone naked again. This time she has done it in a corporate way. So, if you are not, then better don’t waste your mbs zooming in the photos below has with no doubt confirmed that, Iris Kaingu, nowadays also known as “Queen Of Di Area” went to an art studio to paint her body.

Kudos !!! to the painter / artist who perfectly painted Iris’ juicy body with a template of a bra and skirt (commonly referred to as two-piece by females).

See photos below, you will thank this website later, if you realize that, she’s not actually dressing real clothes, but instead she’s naked and dressed in paintings.

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