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You Wasted Your Time FUCKIN8 Every Man - DAVAOS Responds To BRISKY

Posted: 2017-11-09T19:15:46Z -5,589 People Read This

Anivao On Left and Brisky On Right

During an interview with a local radio station on Thursday afternoon, singer Anivao Phiri of the famous dancehall duo  DAVAOS expressed her disappointment with faded female rapper BRISKY for the comments she made dissing former BigBrother Housemate – Cleo Icequeen.

Yesterday, reported how BRISKY attacked Cleo Icequeen nicknaming her a wanna-be Nicki Minaj of Zambia – a statement that did not impress singer Anivao.

When asked what she thought of BRISKY and her music, Anivao openly made it comprehensible that, Brisky is amongst the expired products in Zambia. Actually, Brisky is like a dark-blue Nokia 3310, Anivao added.

Anivao, also made it clear on the air waves that, Brisky wasted her time by then sleeping around with every man who bought her a Mosi Lager Beer

Anivao, later made an accapella of the DAVAO’s latest song titled #Biscuit, and in her final remarks, she advised Brisky to quit music after all she is no longer relative and can never manage the pressure in this fast-growing Zambia music industry.

We will keep you posted about this unwrapped beef

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