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Mampi & Kay Figo Share Glass Of Beer - A Sign To End Their Beef

Posted: 2017-11-11T22:40:00Z -4,591 People Read This

Zambian Musicians Mampi Walilowelela - Kay Figo Kanyelele

Information reaching confirms that, the undeviating beef between singers Kay Figo (on right) and Mampi (on left) might soon come to an end.

A source close to one of the artists has whispered to this website that in October 2017, while in UK for the 53rd Zambia Independence celebrations, the two top female songbirds held a hasty meeting that lasted for hours in the Queen’s capital London.

We have been informed that, during their meeting, these top superstars chose to put their differences aside and discussed on the way forward to bringing back their divided audience and fan-base.

The Mampi - Kay Figo beef has been boiling for now close to more than half a decade. The two have insulted each other on and off air, in and out of the country across different media platforms. understands that, after their meeting, they shared a glass of beer and called it an evening. We’ve been left wondering if the two will soon work on a song together as a sign of togetherness.

We will keep you posted about the same.


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