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B Flow Responds To Slapdee - I Can Fill Up Heroes Stadium

Posted: 2017-12-06T19:53:20Z -8,908 People Read This

B Flow - Zambian Musician Has Confirmed To That, He Or Any Other Zambian Artsit Can Fill Up Heroes Stadium. Singer Slapdee Says, No Zambia Musician Can Fill Up Heroes Stadium.

YESTERDAY, rapper Slapdee, also known as King Dizo took to social media and advised Zambian musicians to put on hold their dreams and plans of Filling Up big stadiums. See Article Here

In particular, Slapdee pointed out Heroes Stadium Lusaka. In a country like Zambia where people can not even make your video reach 100,000 views in a week’s time, any Zambian artist wishing to fill up a stadium should pause their contemplation – said Slapdee.

Well, Slapdee’s statements seem to have not impressed versatile singer – B Flow, real names Brian Bwembya.

B Flow has now responded to Slapdee and others who have a pessimistic mentality of demeaning entertainers that, they can not pull big crowds in Zambia.

B Flow, has assured Zambians that, any local talent in Zambia can fill up national Stadiums. Call me ambitious, but I believe and have faith that a Zambian artist like me can Fill Up Heroes Stadium if Zambians decide to show their devoted support – B Flow told

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