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See Video Clip Of Lusaka Woman Who Sent Her "Punani" To His Man

Posted: 2018-01-07T15:46:40Z -73,690 People Read This

Lusaka woman has confirmed that, the video clip she sent to her husband was released to the public by her reckless husband

Hmmmm, if you haven’t watched an erotic seducible video clip of a Zambian woman that made rounds yesterday, then you’re still in 2017.

To those who have watched it, you’re indeed updated, only that you need to know the whole truth of how that video clip went viral over the weekend.

At first, it was faked and alleged that the said video clip (watch it below) was circulated by one Joel Sikaneta, a 24 year old student of City University Lusaka. Well, Joel could have been amongst the first Zambians that got that clip - But How, Where, What, When and Where did the video clip come from are the questions.

Initially, police was forced to believe that, Bongani’s wife was convinced by Joel Sikaneta who operates different facebook accounts in different names. That, Joel promised to send Bongani’s wife a lot of money, gadgets like smart-phones, laptops and ladies’ jewellery. That, on hearing that she was to receive expensive gadgets and money (in dollars), Bongani’s desperate wife ended up displaying her bulky punani in front of her little baby as seen in the video clip below.

Now that’s the story most of you have heard, But, a close source to the officer handling this case has informed that, Bongani and his wife have been having misunderstandings since 2017. Bongani decided to give his wife a break since their relationship had reached a boiling.

When Bongani and his wife finally resolved their love issues, the wife promised to give his husband very good sex as soon as he got back home. Bongani couldn’t believe his wife’s pledge, and so he ended up requesting the wife to send him her naked photo since he had missed her so much

The innocent woman ended up sending a video clip of her juicy forbidden fruity to her man Bongani. It’s alleged that, one of Bongani’s close friends got hold of his (Bongani) phone and this is how that video clip went out of hands.

Watch Video Clip Below

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