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Here's Why Zambian Rapper - Crisis Mr Swagger Changed His Stage Name

Posted: 2018-05-05T13:29:16Z -5,957 People Read This

Zambian HipHop Musician Crisis Mr Swagger

AUSTRALIA based Zambian musician CRISIS has decided to change his stage name following criticism from his fans in and outside Zambia. has learned that, legendary rapper formerly known as CRISIS MR SWAGGER has dropped his old stage name and asked his fans to start calling him Chisenga.

With effect from now, I am re-branding from Crisis Mr Swagger to simply using my biological name, “Chisenga”, stay tuned for new and exciting music, content and updates – said Crisis.

Asked by one of his die-hard fans “Chiteu Liteta” as to why he has chosen to stop using his former stage name, Crisis added that, My African name “Chisenga” is much realer yet I am too far from home not to be at home with myself.

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