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Lusaka's Uprising Artist - Nah Gee Baibe Back With New Style

Posted: 2018-06-10T14:13:20Z -4,502 People Read This

Upcoming Zambian Musician Nah Gee Baibe

You all remember that uprising female musician in Lusaka city, whose behind would leave all male fans yearning to jump on stage just to feel what her mama gave her !!! – Yes, for sure you definitely do. And she’s none other than Nah Gee Baibe

Her 2014 first song titled Mulamu Wanga received massive airplay across top notch radio and television stations. It introduced her to the music consumers. Surprisingly, she vanished so fast like nshima with fried chicken.

Yesterday, Nah Gee Baibe, spoke to snoops and this is what she had to say:

“I have taken a lot of time working on several songs because I want to do something nice. I want to do a couple of videos and then I will be announcing an album launch early next year,” she said. 


The charming singer further revealed that she had taken off time concentrating on her private life, finishing her education and helping out the poor in villages.

"I have been moving house to house giving a little I can to the less fortunate and doing agriculture. I can assure you I am still relevant and can sing," she roared

Download Nah Gee’s New Song

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