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Photos & Video: How It Went Down At Petersen Zagaze's Spartacus Album Launch

Posted: 2018-06-10T19:46:40Z -6,815 People Read This

Zambian Musician Petersen Zagaze Spartacus Album Launch 2018

If you did not attend legendary musician Petersen Zagaze’s Spartacus Album launch that took place on Saturday 9th June 2018 at the Lusaka Show grounds, here we bring you the moments in visuals of how our snoops witnessed it.

Snoops that attended the event have told that, all the artists that were advertised to perform surely turned up and entertained their scattered fans. We have also been told that, the team that was behind the sound did its best to reach both the artists and fans’ satisfaction.

Because Zambians have this mentality of coming to events late, this event also started a bit late, but all in all the performance line up was followed. Musicians including Pilato, Bflow, Macky2, Karasa, Izrael Exile, Flexville among others.

We can confirm that, Petersen Zagaze’s album launch did not attract more than 150 people. Probably this is based on the fact that, he (Petersen) did not give enough publicity for the event. If that’s not the reason, then we can reliably say that, Zambians are not loyal when it comes to events that feature only local talents.

Click Here To Watch Video Clips Of Petersen’s Album Launch otherwise see some of the photos below.

Above: B Flow On Stage Performing

Above: Exile, now Ozrael On Stage Performing

Above: Pilato On Stage Performing

Above: Karasa On Stage Performing

Above: Macky 2 On Stage Performing

Above: Petersen Zagaze On Stage Performing

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