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Video: Fally Ipupa Feels Zambian Model's Tiny Boobs

Posted: 2018-06-11T19:23:20Z -8,660 People Read This

Congolese Musician Releases Video Featuring Zambian Model has learned that, pencil size Lusaka model Celilia Lulu Kongwa is having sleepless nights ever since the day French speaking singer Fally Ipupa exchanged contacts with her. Now days, the two spend a lot of time whatsApping each other as if they’re planning their wedding ceremony.

One of Kongwa’s closest friends (name with-held) has confirmed to this website that, she (Celilia Lulu Kongwa) has even started bouncing on the dusty streets of Lusaka telling whoever cares to listen to her on how she was chosen by the Congolese musician to feature in his most recent video as the main character. The video is already out and doing well online and locally in Congo.

Celilia Lulu Kongwa is an award winning model and actress who plays a role in Zambia's first telenovela Zuba episodes. We hope, the Congolese musician did not end up tasting her forbidden fruit.


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