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Zambia's Davaos Shoot Cultural Video Worth Kwacha 37000

Posted: 2018-11-04T23:13:23Z -4,666 People Read This

Davaos Have Shot a New Music Video For Their New Song Oh My Love

Zambia’s dynamic dancehall duo – Davaos, which consists of Anivao and Dalivao has shot a new music video for their third song for 2018. sat in for Davaos’ "Oh My Love” video shoot yesterday that kicked off at about 8am to witness all the magic.

We were at the top secret video shoot on the outskirts of Lusaka, in Shantumbu village getting all the behind the scenes action.

Directed by one of Zambia’s top notch videographers – Gwise and produced by the legendary Kekero, Oh My Love is another music video that you should not miss watching.

Close sources to the video producer have confirmed to this website that, Davaos coughed about 3500 US Dollars on this video.

According to Davaos, Zambia is about to witness the birth of an Iconic Work of art that will surely rock our TV screens.

We will keep you posted when the official video is released

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