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Kabwe Upcoming Artist Narrates Her Story After Serious Disease Put Her Down

Published: 2019-05-26T13:57:18Z -5,136 People Read This

Upcoming Zambian Artist Lady Jaz opens up on her relationship

UPRISING singer, Lady Jaz, real names Jasmine Nakazwe shared her story with about her current lifestyle. The 30 year olf bootylicious singer also told this website how FIBROIDS - a common disease amongst women had made her loose hope of ever producing a child. Below is her story in brief !!!

I was only 26 years when I got married to James Musonda my best friend and love of my life. At our wedding my family members were already asking us when we would be expecting.

When I was 30 I thought, that is when I would get pregnant. We wanted to first enjoy the first years of our marriage before we brought a baby into our lives.

When my 30th birthday came around, we started trying. Six months later, I hadn't conceived, so I went to my gynaecologist where we did a routine exam to find out what would be preventing me from getting pregnant.

This is when I had an ultra sound displaying various growths comprised of Muscle and fibrous tissue called uterine fibroids. Before the utra sound, i wasn't familiar with the term "fibroids" and the full extent of damage they may cause.


Panic took over when I heard those words. It was 18 weeks in size. After  2 months surprisingly i started to have some of the symptoms associated with fibroids like,

1. Frequent urination

2. Constipation

3. Abdominal bloating

One morning, my stomach was same as that of a pregnant woman in her final trimester. I was referred to a fertility specialist who scheduled for my first surgery. I was scared to undergo any surgery because of the effects associated with it.

After 6 months I started feeling shooting pain, heavy bleeding and uneasiness during sex. I had to go back see my doctor who then told me - my fibroids were even larger and more aggressive than the last time.


My brain boiled at 100 degrees because I thought I would never produce a child. I shared my problem with one of my distant friends. Her name is Mutinta, a shop keeper in Kabwe town.

Mutinta introduced me to a one Mama Ruth who had helped her (Mutinta’s Aunt) before to treat her fibroids using natural treatment without under going any surgeries.

I was so desperate; all I had to do was to call Mama Ruth on +260971561040. She gave me herbal medicine that I can now confirm – It healed my fibroids. I did not get any side effects.

After 2 months, I missed my menstruation periods, of which I thought it was abnormal, but, results from my medical doctor proved that this time I was pregnant.

A few months later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I named her Mutinta Lucky Ruth. I thank GOD for this blessing, but above all, I thank my husband for not giving up on me, not forgetting Mama Ruth who gave me the medicine.

Any fellow woman who has such a problem attached to fibroids and any related body disorders, get intouch with Mama Ruth on +260971561040. And to all my fans that had started loving my music, get ready, I am soon getting back to my feet. I promise you good music.

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