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Video: Zambia's Rich Bizzy Collaborates With Uganda's B2C

Published: 2019-05-27T20:30:14Z -14,507 People Read This

Rich Bizzy Don't Replay Video

Zambian music star Rich Bizzy features Uganda’s B2C Entertainment and the Triplets Ghetto Kids on ‘Don’t Delay‘.

Rich Bizzy is a musician, songwriter and composer from Lusaka, Zambia widely known for songs such as ‘Nalema Nozo’, ‘Yahweh Njiswilako’, ‘Why Life Siili Fair’, ‘Chimwemwe Dance’, ‘Dangote’, and ‘Nshale ‘Enekela’.

This is not the first time the Triplets Ghetto Kids are featuring in Rich Bizzy’s video. They made an appearance in his ‘Dangote’ video which was shot in Kampala.

The B2C Entertainment trio add their sweet spices on ‘Don’t Delay’, a dance song which was produced Kuseim at Banq Records in Uganda.

Watch Video Below

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