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Edgar Lungu Promises Zambian Artists 30 Million Kwacha

Published: 2020-06-25T18:35:36Z -2,629 People Read This

President Of Zambia Edgar Lungu

After realizing that most youths in the creative and arts industry are not showing any sign of giving up on their splanned countrywide protests, the PF Government has now woken up and pledged to help entertainers in Zambia.

Before we go further, could this be a trick that the current goverment has decided to use so as to attract entertainers as a way to help it retain power come 2021 ?

Well, President Edgar Lungu says government has approved a 30 Million Kwacha youth empowerment scheme targeting artists countrywide.

The President says the project will be launched in Lusaka soon.

This move comes few weeks after some artists particularly the youths raised concern over how the country is being governed.

They bemoaned lack of opportunities, amid rampant corruption in the country.

Apparently, President Lungu said the National Arts Council under the Ministry of Tourism and Arts will implement the programme.

Lungu also directed the Ministry of Youth and Sport , Commerce, and CEEC to facilitate linkages for the youth to benefit from the Development and entrepreneurship project supported by the African Development Bank.

Lungu called on the youth to take advantage of the available opportunities and those that Government has facilitated.

Speaking when he addressed the Nation on the Covid -19 pandemic, President Lungu said 29 Million United States Dollars has also been set aside for the implementation of the Aquaculture seed fund under the Zambia Enterprise Development Project.

He said the project is aimed at enhancing fish production and is earmarked to benefit more than 3 thousand entrepreneurs, including the youth and women.

President Lungu has since called on the youth to take interest in participating and profiting from different empowerment initiatives government is putting in place.

He said this is instead of protesting in the bush and taking pride in how many views of their protest where seen on social media.

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