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More Secrets Revealed: Mwizukanji Snatched My Man, Yo Maps' First Girlfriend Roars.

Published: 2020-09-21T21:33:20Z -31,715 People Read This

Yo Maps' & His First Girl Friend

A close source has told ZambianMusic.Net how Musician Yo Maps slowly lost interest in his would-be wife – Mwizukanji with whom they have a baby girl called Bukata.

Actually, Yo Maps and Mwizukanji were to hold their Kitchen party celebration mid this month but tables turned upside down even after Lobola (dowry) was paid.

For starters, before Mwizukanji started sleeping with Yo Maps, already she had two children with another man (names withheld). By then, Yo Maps was dating one of his childhood friends called Memory Njombo.

Actually, it is Memory Njombo who has in the past helped and been there for singer Yo Maps when he was still a struggling uprising singer.

When God blessed Yo Maps with a hit song, he dumped Memory Njombo and started bonking Mwizukanji. We’re told; Yo Maps and Mwizukanji had their first bonking sessions in Kafue where he had gone to perform.

In the photo above is Memory Njombo (Yo Maps' First Girlfriend)

With his “Finally” hit song giving him sleepless nights, Yo Maps was never home to give Mwizukanji enough time for bedroom games.

Mwizukanji later humbled herself until Yo Maps planted a live seed in her belly. The moment the seed started germinating, Mwizukanji asked Yo Maps to officially marry her and introduce her to the public as her only woman – Now this is the genesis of everything. has learned that, Yo Maps started sweating because; he was not ready to be a committed man, more so at a young age when his music career has just started changing his life. And surely, if we are to be pragmatic, 25 year old Yo Maps still needs to taste more babes before he FINALLY settles down with one.

In March 2020, when Mwizukanji gave birth to Yo Map’s kid, everyone praised the two for being the new celebrity couple in Zambia, little did we know, the two would separate even before Corona went back to China.


In the photo above, Yo Maps With Mwizukanji

Well, mid this year while in Lusaka, Yo Maps and faded music producer Starsh in company of Dboy attended a house party which had fetched many sexy babes.

Amongst these babes was Kidist Kifle, who has some Ethiopian genes in her DNA. We all know, Ethiopian babes, Rwanda babes, Ugandan babes and Eritrean babes look so pretty – and probably this could be the reason as to why Yo Maps fell for Kidist Kifle.

Both Kidist Kifle and Yo Maps have been bonking day and night same way COVID 19 has bonked the Kwacha economy in Zambia.

Yo Maps' New Girl friend - 
Kidist Kifle


A source has told that ever since Yo Maps found peace in Kidist Kifle, Mwizukanji has also started winning commiseration from Chomba Kaoma and USA based facebook noise maker – George Mtonga.

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Kidist Kifle.

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