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Chanda Na Kay Attempt To Resurrect JK's Music Career

Published: 2020-12-30T21:02:54Z -18,919 People Read This

Zambian Musicians Chanda Na Kay & JK

Once upon a time there was a popular Zambian Singer Called Jordan Katembula aka JK.

In his hey days, he released a couple of almighty tunes such as Yafikilisha, Kapiripiri, Telemundo, to name a few.

Few years ago, JK joined the ruling government and started releasing songs praising the leadership of Edgar Lungu – an act that pushed him in the shadows of the Music scene despite failed attempts to hit back to the spotlight.

Latest on our desk confirms, trending musicians “Chanda Na Kay” have accepted to resurrect JK’s music career despite the fact that he’s a failed legend.

To prove a point, JK, Chanda Na Kay have released a song together. The song is titled Walai Bilai.

Download Walai Bilai By JK, Chanda Na Kay

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