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Is Musician Maureen Lupo Lilanda Dead Or Not ?

Published: 2021-02-15T21:50:42Z -3,053 People Read This

Zambian Musician Maureen Lupo Lilanda

News reaching our desk confirm, legendary female artist Maureen Lupo Lilanda is alive and kicking.

On Monday afternoon, fake news about Maureen having died went viral on social media in Zambia.

The source of this hoax had stated that, Maureen had died after battling with cancer for a long time – a statement that the retired singer’s family dismissed.

My sister is in good health, in fact she has not been sick in a long time, she is here at home doing her own work, please call me back in 3 minutes and you speak to her personally – Maureen Lilanda’s relative told

Known for hit songs such as Mumba, Nalila, Mbonyiwe etc, Maureen Lupo Lilanda is an Afro-Jazz musician and song writer who started her music career more than three decades ago. 

In 2014, Maureen Lilanda represented Zambia at the Kora Awards as Best Female Artist of the year.

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