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Macky2 At It Again, He's Accused Of Stealing Kabotolo Song

Published: 2021-03-17T12:07:16Z -6,014 People Read This

Download Kabotolo By Macky 2

Zambian artist – Macky 2 is at it again !!!

Neighbouring country – Malawi is accusing self-proclaimed rapper Macky 2 for copying everything in his new song ”Kabotolo” from a Malawian song titled “M’botolo”.

In the year 2020, Malawian musician Kell Kay released his debut single titled “Mbotolo”, and to his surprise, Zambian artist Macky 2 has in 2021 released a song with a similar concept, same lyrics but different rhythm.

The slightest difference is: Macky 2’s song is titled Kabotolo which you can Download Here.

It is not the first time Macky 2 is involved in such accusations. In the year 2014, the singer was indicted of stealing Namibian artist – Gazza’s song titled Selima.

Macky 2 would later name his copied song – “You’re Beautiful” -which he dedicated to his wife Haatinga Cheelo.

We will keep you updated about this claim

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