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Hello.... Stop Listening To My Music, Willz Mr Nyopole Warns Fans,

Published: 2021-04-10T07:45:17Z -4,632 People Read This

Tulo Willz Nyopole

Zambian Afropop musician Wills Mr Nyopole is amongst those few entertainers who can not accept to be bullied more so by fans.

Last week, Willz released a video for his “Tulo” track, the video is quite good, at least it is on point.

But since it is so hard to satisfy everyone, two of Willz’s fans took to instagram and left a comment that did not sink well in Willz’s medulla oblongata.

It is after that comment that Willz threw jabs to the fans – advising them to either stop listening to his music or else they wait until he releases songs that shall satisfy their ears.


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