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Slapdee's Official DJ Quits XYZ Music Label

Published: 2021-09-21T12:40:18Z -1,703 People Read This

DJ Hmac Quits XYZ

DJ Hmac, a long-time friend, and official deejay to Slapdee and XYZ artists has finally quit the label.

Information from XYZ entertainment confirms that, the pencil size Deejay has called it quits. Insiders say, Hmac had started growing wings. He was no-longer loyal to his bosses.

Last month, we reported how XYZ top management had become furious over Hmac’s actions. It all started when Hmac renamed Slapdee’s label from XYZ to New Age XYZ – a thing that caused mixed reactions between XYZ members.

This morning, the dreadlocked DJ has said bye-bye to the music label he has served for almost all his music career.

DJ Hmac has been the official manager to Slapdee and all musicians signed to XYZ Entertainment. Below is DJ Hmac's official statement.

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