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I am Not A Celebrity - Singer B1 Tells His Fans

Published: 2022-05-05T17:22:15Z -3,563 People Read This

B1 Zambian Musician

While most Zambian musicians walk with swagger, love showing off the little they have earned and others boasting alot thinking they have already made it in life, it is not the case with singer B1 Perfecto, real names Bruce Simbalangwa.

Of course, whoever has been close to the veteran singer, will tell you that, B1 is one of a kind musician who does not praise himself yet, he is known all over Zambia. 

B1 is one of those musicians who treats everyone the same, he does not show off, he does not self-proclaim himself even though he is a public figure in Zambia, said a female bar attendant in Kitwe.

To validate the bar attendant's statement, our entertainment news reporter bumped into B1 this evening in Lusaka at the malls, and surely, B1 acted and sounded so down to earth. 

Asked why he does not behave like other Zambian celebrities who feel so proud of themselves, B1 responded like "Kaya Che, I don't like special treatment, I am too ordinary, all my closest friends are ordinary, eishhhhhhhh Celebrity life na status my foot" - said B1.

Which other Zambian Celebrity do you think is down to earth?

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