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Rapper Macky 2 Set To Retire From Music

Published: 2022-05-09T16:01:04Z -5,503 People Read This

Zambian Musician Macky2

Over the weekend, Zambian Rapper Macky2, real name Mark Kaira Mulaza took to social media and announced his retirement from active music. This means, he will stop recording music, stop performing on stage but, he might remain managing uprising artists.

Having entertainned Zambians with over 100 songs to his career, the self proclaimed "Dopest Freshest Name In The Game" is now in the final preparations for his retirement from singing.

While appearing on a local television station yesterday, Macky2 said, "To all Macky2 fans, I have given this industry my all and it has given me back so much more, Now it is time for me to step back and watch from the background". I would like to pass over the button to other talented stars.

Macky2 confirmed to that, 5th June 2022 shall be his last day to step on stage. On that same date, Macky2 will also be releasing his very last anticipated album titled "Olijaba".

If Macky2keeps his word straight, he will have become the first Zambian musician to officially retire from active music. It should be noted that, Macky2 is one of the few musicians in Zambia that have seen it all and done it all, so his retirement shall mean alot to the already faded artists of his generation.

From, we say, Thank you Macky2 for the music.

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