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Zambian Gospel Singer PJN Joshua Breaks Record

Published: 2022-09-15T19:53:20Z -7,200 People Read This

PJN Joshua Zambian Gospel Artist

If you thought Gospel music was meant for a few people, then you are probably not informed.

Apparently as you read this, celebrations are taking place somewhere in Zambia within the gospel music fraternity.

You could be asking yourself what these celebrations are for !!!

Well, has learned that, calm spoken musician "PJN Joshua" has today become the very first Gospel singer in Zambia to surpass 100,000 subscibers on YouTube.

PJN Joshua opened his YouTube channel on 12th July 2015, but only started uploading videos to the platform in 2017.

Although his major aim was to use YouTube to promote his own music, PJN Joshua proved he was not selfish when he started using his channel to spread the word of GOD by promoting gospel music sung by his fellow Zambian musicians.

What Next After 100,000 Subscribers?

Now that PJN Joshua has reached this milestone, he will in a few weeks from today get a silver award specially designed for him from YouTube.

Download PJN Josuha featruing Enock Mbewe


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