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F Jay Teams Up with Mic Burner & Trina South for Electrifying Song

Published: 2023-05-24T23:25:19Z -5,096 People Read This

Show Them F Jay, Mic Burner, Trina South

In a collaboration that's sure to make waves, the highly acclaimed R&B artist and songwriter, F Jay, has joined forces with Mic Burner and Trina South to create their latest hit, "Show Them."

This incredible track, expertly produced by the immensely talented Smashbeats, is a true sonic masterpiece.


"Show Them" seamlessly blends F Jay's velvety-smooth vocals, Mic Burner's magnetic flow, and Trina South's enchanting melodies, creating a musical experience that is truly captivating.

Adding to the richness of the song, Fumbani from gaga music has taken care of the mixing and mastering, ensuring that every element is perfectly balanced.

Additionally, the inclusion of live guitars by Mr. Chanx brings an extra layer of depth and texture to the track, elevating it to another level.


"Show Them" serves as the second single from F Jay's highly anticipated upcoming project, which will be announced soon. Fans can expect more incredible music from this talented artist, as he continues to push the boundaries of his craft.

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